It’s about time that bias on homosexuality gets its well deserved once and over. Given that during two thousand years, sexual liaisons between individuals of the same sex was sure way to the death row. Even the slightest hint of sexual attraction would be totally out of order. Hence, tooted by the greatest Oscar Wild poetically as “love that nobody dares to claim”- there brought forth a string of made up remarks and misconceptions from generations to generations, endorsing preconceived ideas, justifying discrimination by stepping on the band-wagon against those sodomites, deviants, pillow biters, poufs, perverts, pansies, libertines, so far homosexuals.

A myth for crying out loud is that every gay man has a woman in chains within and every lesbian a subdued man. Pure equivocal, perhaps 99% of homosexuals Adam4Adamn are perfectly happy with their sexual approach and physiological body. Some might come off somewhat campish with that feigning voice typical of eighties’ electronic music or overly butch, in case of diesel dykes, and among themselves would call queens or patrons in an irreverent manner. However, the great majority of gay men seems jolly happy with most things in life as in physical attributes and living patterns.

Gay men are great spenders on looks and health-grade products, not just the looks of own kind but to look even so alike the physiological sex. Men constantly groom themselves in quest for the Adonis figure, whereas women strive for a female-orientated outlook.

Another fallacy, every homosexual Adam4Adamn is a sex addict. Certain people take gays for sex professionals, always available and ever in search of customers. Gay right groups Adam4Adamn been long running systematic researches with different categories of homosexuals, and come to the conclusion that many gays spend months with not a single sexual relation. Even professional she-males or transvestites, who live off prostitution, keep an average of around four sexual rendezvous per shift.

Last but not least, appeared in the last decades- and despite being so modern, has already sprang all over the planet- homosexuals are to blame for the HIV-AIDS.

Chiefly, some scientists shift the blame on gay people calling it the Gay plague.

In contrast, others figured out an organic predisposition of gay folks for getting infected by the virus of human immune deficiency.

In addition, strong evidences emerged in researches of respectable scientists pointing otherwise, as AIDS stems from heterosexual populations; nothing predispose the homosexual organically like to be infected by HIV.

The homosexual feels as emotionally as physically and spiritually attracted by individuals of the same sex.

Apart from this characteristic, nothing else differs the homosexual from the heterosexual.

Lastly, there should be light shed on such myths surrounding homosexuality, so that those whose cap fits will receive deserved respect and rights ensured. Prejudice and neglect towards homosexual issues magnifies neglect with the human being, who is capable, who has virtues and flaws just like anybody else.

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